Aaron Micallef is the project co-ordinator. He is a associate professor at Department of Geoscience, University of Malta, and leader of the Marine Geology and Seafloor Surveying group. Aaron holds a MSc in geomorphology from the University of Oxford and a PhD in marine geology & geophysics from the University of Southampton, and is a former Marie Curie fellow. He is author of more than 30 publications on marine geology and geomorphology.
JoAnn Cassar is associate professor and head of Department of Conservation and Built Heritage at University of Malta. She is a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. She has published more than 50 publications on weathering phenomena in limestone and conservation science.
Adrian Mifsud is assistant lecturer in geotechnical engineering at the Department of Civil Structural Engineering, University of Malta. He has extensive experience in industry, a MSc in soil mechanics from Imperial College London, and is currently working towards a PhD in the same field.
Adam Gauci is an assistant lecturer within the Department of Geosciences at University of Malta. He has a MSc in Artificial Intelligence and is currently reading for a PhD in Intelligent systems. Adam is author of 20 publications and is highly proficient in a number of programming languages.
Marion Jegen is leader of the research group “Marine Electromagnetics” at GEOMAR, Germany. Marion is a leading European expert in marine electromagnetics and has published over 25 publications on this topic. She holds a PhD in geophysics from University of Toronto and is a former Marie Curie fellow.
Mark Person is professor of hydrology at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USA. His qualifications include a MSc in Hydrogeology and a PhD in Geology from John Hopkins University. Mark’s research centres on basin-scale hydrogeologic modelling and the role of groundwater in geologic processes, and he has authored more than 50 publications on these topics.
Joshu Mountjoy is an ocean geologist at NIWA, New Zealand. He has a MSc in Engineering Geology and a PhD in Geology. Joshu has authored over 20 publications on New Zealand’s continental margins.